A common question we get asked is: "Why focus on equal play in South America when that is a mega hotspot for the game?". The truth is, for girls it is not. In most areas outside the US, it is a male-dominated playing field and girls are discouraged from playing due to social stigmas and beliefs taught through a cultural mindset. In rural areas, the inequality is even greater. In the US, Title IV was created to break social stigmas that existed, and encourage equality for all. It has led to the privilege our generation of Female Student Athletes experience today.

"No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance."

Although our mission is not to create Title IV in other countries, we recognize how it has aided in the fight for equality in our culture. Our goal is to help create an environment that fosters respect for equal play so girls have access to the same opportunities both on the field and off of it. This equal opportunity will give girls access to the essential life skills gained through Team Sports: 

Thankfully, this cultural mindset is not carried by every parent in other countries. For the few who encourage and support their girls to play the beautiful game, we greatly rely on their support. From parent meetings to us consistently showing up, our hope is that over time, more and more girls will see an open door of possibilities to play soccer.

CONFIDENCE, adversity, PERSEVERANCE, commitments, TEAMWORK, healthy lifestyle habits, POSITIVE SOCIAL INTERACTIONS, and so many more.   

Our primary focus is creating opportunities for girls. However, we believe in equality for all and that means we work with boys as well. We believe in order to make a change in the right way, we need to raise up the next generation to work side by side, boys and girls together on an equal playing field. We partner with local soccer clubs who support our vision and provide a platform for girls to have a voice on a boy’s dominated playing field. We believe it is important to set an example for boys to see the importance of WHY girls should be on the field. We encourage them to be a different voice for their community so both boys and girls can see more possibilities along the way. We are always stronger together! 

Title IV doesn’t exist in
most parts of the world

Title IV doesn’t exist in most parts of the world

A law created in 1972 to help
create equal opportunity for ALL

A law created in 1972 to help create equal opportunity for ALL


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