Here you will find our behind the scene moments, stories of those we are a voice for,
and the details shared from those who have joined our movement. We invite you to explore and enjoy!

Here you will find our behind the scene moments, stories that matter, and the details shared from those who have joined our movement. We invite you to explore and enjoy!


Why Paraguay?: Fulfilling a Promise Made 30 Years Ago Written by Brianna Canty Why Paraguay? We at Girls Soccer Worldwide get this question posed to us often. And it’s a fair one. We are a non-profit primarily located in the Bay Area, California focused on helping girls rise out of poverty through sports, education, and […]

Fulfilling a Promise

April 6, 2024

A Quiet Strength: Interview with Alice Written by Brianna Canty We at Girls Soccer Worldwide talk a lot about the heart behind all we do. We say it is our Ambassadors—they are our driving force, they are empowerment and leadership in action, they are doing the inspiring soul work that makes a real difference. And […]

A Quiet Strength

March 28, 2024

Building a Foundation for Change Written by Brianna Canty Over the past six months, we’ve been talking a lot about growth, reconnection, and change. In blogs and newsletters, on our Instagram feed and in-person meetings, we’ve brought up, time and time again, the idea of doing more. In March, we published a blog with statistics […]

Meeting the Girl Where She is At

August 29, 2023

Don’t Give Up: Inspiring Words from Dahiana Written by Ava StratmanEdited by Brianna Canty “I have a 100% certainty that we can change the world.” Those 10 words hold so much power. They hold faith, hope, determination, joy, pride, and so much more. For Dahiana, a 16-year-old girl in Paraguay, this is possible. Anything is […]

Ava’s Interview With Dahiana

July 30, 2023

Food Kits: Meeting the Need Written by Brianna Canty COVID-19 was racing across the world and cases were rising, upending society as we knew it. Girls Soccer Worldwide had to reevaluate, change gears. If we were locked down, unable to travel to Paraguay, what were we going to do? So, we reverted back to our […]

Our Food Kits Mission

May 5, 2023

Understanding the Need That Fuels Our Change Making Written by Brianna Canty Girls Soccer Worldwide has been helping young girls in Paraguay for over seven years, providing access to sports, funds for education, and leadership opportunities to empower them to rise out of poverty. Our mission has grown over time, with a greater emphasis now […]

Understanding the Need

March 15, 2023

More Than a Game Written by Brianna Canty Language. Language is communication. Spoken, heard, written, read. It can be emotional; it can be physical. It unites us. Language gives us words to use, expressions to mimic, the tools we need to draw links between us and others. A common denominator, invisible threads crisscrossing the globe. […]

Interview with Walter Pratte

February 26, 2023

Change the Path, Cambia El Camino Written by Brianna Canty Maggie was wearing a graduation cap with her name in bold letters on the front and a white tassel hanging off the side. This wasn’t your typical graduation cap, nor was this your typical graduation ceremony. The caps she, Natalia, and Alice wore were art […]

Interview with Maggie

February 15, 2023

Our Heart and Our Why: Maria Lujan Written by Brianna Canty Opportunity is merely the chance at change. Without action, without effort, without dedication, it can slip through your fingers like grains of sand. It can be squandered…or, it can be seized. When opportunity came knocking in the small town of Coronel Bogado, Paraguay, Maria […]

Interview with Maria Lujan

January 31, 2023

Written by Walter Pratte/Co Founder and International Director CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO The day I met Magali is a day I will never forget. Traveling to Paraguay is always a very special trip for me. I have the opportunity to meet and continue to see the kids we are helping through our program and 2019 […]

She wants to be like so many other girls…

June 22, 2021

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