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The challenges we face internationally are different than those domestically. The goal is the same, Empowering the Next generation of Female Leaders to rise up and make a difference in their own communities, but how we get there is through a different lens.

OUR world of over used technology, over scheduled activities, and unrealistic expectations of our youth... communication, confidence, and character are being lost. The skills needed to compliment this evolution need to be a part of their daily life and all play a role in our Leadership Academy, Leading with Empathy™.


BUILDING a BRIDGE of EMPOWERMENT because we need each other.  

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"Service to others is the rent you
pay for your time here on earth."

"Service to others is the rent you
pay for your time here on earth."

-Muhammad Ali

As you immerse yourself in a new community over 6000 miles away for the week, you will meet girls who are just like YOU.  They want the same things, they (in their own way) say the same things, and you will see authenticity in every connection. You will experience genuine appreciation and you will admire all those you meet.  You will want to slow down, you will want to be present, you will want to embrace each moment.  You will discover the girls of Coronel Bogado don’t need much to be happy and will give before they expect to receive.  You will make a girl at a time.

As an Ambassador for Change Elite Member you will take part in our group mentorship program that is exclusive to our Paraguay experience.  You will walk alongside and work closely with our Trailblazers: women who were once Student Athletes. They've been there, done that, and are ready to talk about it! Traveling from various areas of the US, they will lead our mentorship program abroad,  creating an experience that will only enhance your time away.  

To view VIDEOS from past trip,
scroll a bit further down this page

CLICK HERE  for a sample itinerary
9 day agenda from our 2019 trip.

TESTIMONIES from GSW Ambassadors
on prior trip experiences are below. 

To view VIDEOS from past trip, scroll a bit further down this page
CLICK HERE  for a sample itinerary 9 day agenda from our 2019 trip.
TESTIMONIES from GSW Ambassadors on prior trip experiences are below.

PAraguay TRIP



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Paraguay 2018

Paraguay 2017

Paraguay 2016

In November of 2018, we travelled for 9 days by air + bus for 60 combined hours to 3 small rural towns in Paraguay. Why? Because we believe all girls should be able to dream big!  We choose to show up and be a voice for girls who need us to be until they can be their own. From partnering with our 2018 Kicking it for Education™recipient in Antequera, San Luis Gonzaga 750 School, playing in the FIRST EVER Female soccer tournament in Coronel Bogado, Paraguay, to San Cosme y Damian where we supported girls who are at the beginning of their journey as Female Student Athletes. Take a ride with us and explore our journey in 2018.  

Our first follow up trip as a team!  Working with the community of of Coronel Bogado, Paraguay has been an absolute joy. Life changing for not only them but for us, as well. After days spent in this small town, we begin to look at life with a different set of eyes then when we landed. We return home wanting to live with stronger purpose, simplify life knowing many of the things we worry about home, are irrelevant. For most, we are no longer moved by the same things. We are grateful for our time and friendships gained as we continue to working with the families in Coronel Bogado. 

November of 2016 was our first experience as a group, we arrived with open hearts, not knowing what to expect and left 5 days later knowing our lives were forever changed. We started as a small group who supported a vision and came home to knowing we needed to do more.  After 11 days, 80 hours of actual travel, and lives forever changed, we were back home and knew this was only the beginning for what was ahead. The experiences gained were irreplaceable and became our inspiration, our voice for those that needed us to be.  

2018 GSW Ambassador 

 2018 Ambassador

2016-2018 Ambassador

GSWW has given me countless new friends, a new mindset, I guess I cannot fail to mention the stomach aches from all the laughter, but most importantly, GSWW has given me the opportunity to see the world beyond the bubble that many of us find comfort in.  As a team our goal was to inspire the young girls and fight against the struggle for women’s equality. Throughout our time there we strived to empower the girls through sayings like “Yo puedo hacerlo” which translates to “I can do it”. While it may be small, the results spoke for themselves. The body language of the girls before and after practice changed immensely, it was almost as if they have grown a couple inches taller. The girls seemed more comfortable to voice their opinions and they loved being able to play soccer on a field previously dominated by males. Above all, it seemed as is the girls felt they had a sense of belonging. The young girls of Coronel Bogado were so incredibly excited when they saw that we have shown up for practice, they were taken away at the fact that we had came all this way to see them. I was astonished by the pure joy that came from our presence.

Girls Soccer Worldwide was and eye opening experience that forever changed my life. For me it made me realize that our lives are just bubbles waiting to get popped so we can embrace the outside. When on the trip you let go of everything that makes our lives confined. Social media, our phones, our troubles back home, just everything. When I was there I could just let all of that go and bond with my peers and all the people that lived there. It was amazing to empower the young girls that have a love and passion for soccer. Even with a language barrier I managed to make connections with people I will never forget. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that i’m glad I was able to be so lucky to be apart of. 

I have attended the GSW Paraguay trip for 3 consecutive years, and every year I learn something different, impacting me in a different way. The people in Colonel Bogado truly appreciate the life skills we help them with, and they take what we teach them and implement it in their lives. I personally think that I have evolved as a person because of this experience. I realized how lucky I am to be able to have running water, school supplies, a house, and even being able to attend school. Something that I have truly taken for granted when these girls have no other options than to stay home and help their mothers with house work. It made me more self aware and grateful for everything I have. This trip isn’t really just about soccer, it’s about connecting with people. I honestly think those girls taught me more than I could have ever learned at school or from any other trip. This amazing journey allows you to create life long bonds with people from all the way around the world, and even to this day I stay in contact with some of them. I would not trade going on this trip for anything and I can’t wait to hopefully go again! 

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