We use soccer as a means to connect, build relationships, and gain the trust needed to make an impact where it truly matters most: in the classroom. We partner with local schools to ensure there is a pathway for long-term education.  Families who are faced with poverty make many sacrifices and due to the lack of finances, children are forced to stay home and work, consequently they don’t receive a full education.  Statistics show the fight for poverty begins with providing a proper education.  We believe in the benefits of playing in team sports, however, we also believe education is the key to becoming your fullest potential and being a student athlete, comes first.  

"The secret weapon that is neglected in most countries around the world is the education of girls and women." 


Education at the secondary level is important in the fight against poverty, especially for girls.   When completing a secondary education her lifetime earnings can increase up to 10-20% and for every dollar she makes she will invest, on average, eighty cents in to her children's health and education. Children of educated parents that completed school are more likely to continue their education themselves.   Girls with secondary education are less likely to marry or become pregnant as a child themselves, lack control of household resources, and be effected by partner violence, globally.

Through our partnership with SAP and The San Jose School, a secondary level charter school, we have been able to set them up for future success with laptops that are developed for the demands of today's world of technology. We are also an advocate for the internet needed to keep them in use! Since 2018, we have been able to supply them with internet and as we continue to grow together, our hope is we can continue to gift for years to come.

VIDEO (top): Student at San Jose Secondary School thanks GSW for thier donated laptops. (bottom) Laptop delivery at San Luis Gonzaga 750 School in Antequera, Paraguay.   

"Girls’ education, especially, is among the most powerful forces on the planet."  

-Melinda Gates




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