Kyla with students from a partnered school in Paraguay.

Traveling to Paraguay with some of the best friends and mentors I could ever have, was truly a life changing experience!

The 11 day trip, that was filled with unforgettable memories and new found relationships, quickly flew by!

While I was there, the smiles on the girls faces brightened up my life as I began to see life out of a whole new perspective. The girls there were so full of happiness and laughter that every second I spent with them aggrandized happiness in me. They were so happy that we were just trying to interact and have a conversation with them that they didn’t even care if we messed up a few times.

I  knew dance was a universal language among all of us so I began a dance party.  Even if I wasn’t the best at spanish or dancing I know it would spread joy and laughter.

Girls Soccer Worldwide Ambassadors with young girls at our partnered school at in Antequera, Paraguay.

I remember one of the teachers had said his students and families were so eager for our arrival.  They couldn’t sleep and got up early so they could prepare for us.  This made me feel so loved because they put their hearts into preparing everything for us. I could not give anything less back!

I definitely want to incorporate what I had learned in Paraguay into my everyday life.

Seeing life through a positive lens in everything I do is how I want to live.  I want to pour my whole heart and effort into even the small things because I know they can make a big difference. Helping and making a difference in my community has always been a goal but I never knew how to start.

Now that I am back, I have realized that helping does not only come from big organizations.  It starts with me and then the people who surround me that I can help.  They in turn will help those who are in need….causing a great ripple effect.

One way I am implementing this in my life at the moment, is through my confirmation class at my church. During my 2 year session, we did personal growth and outreach projects where we participated in small organizations and random acts of kindness.  They may not be big, but they are definitely a start.  It is a way to take action in promoting selfless acts.

“I believe that when we all do our part, big or small, we will make a positive impact.” -Kyla


To learn more about our Ambassador for Change Leadership Program, CLICK HERE.

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