This trip was life changing. I can barely put my experience into words. It not only made me more grateful for my life and to appreciate the little things but also has inspired me to use my voice to inspire others to create change as well.

Maille with a young girl in Paraguay playing games and enjoying time together on the soccer field.

Throughout my life I’ve always tried to be kind and supportive, but since coming back I’ve noticed I reach out to new people more.  I realized that even a little wave or smile can impact someone’s whole day or even their whole week, because you never know what it going on in someone’s life and everyone deserves support and kindness no matter if you know them or not.

Maille playing a pick up game in the Paraguayan rain at a local school.

I have also been appreciating more time with my family and close friends way more than I did before. The girls of cornel Bogado have shown me that your mind set is everything. These girls might not have very much, yet they might be the happiest and most motivated people in the world. They have really impacted me because seeing all the things they’re accomplishing with the very little has inspired me to use all the opportunities and tools I’m given, to full advantage, and begin to create a long lasting change in my community.

Maille (second from the left) with Girls Soccer Worldwide Ambassadors in Paraguay.

I’ve really learned to appreciate all the opportunities and tools I’m given, even the little ones you don’t think twice about, like having your own bedroom and bathroom and even being allowed to continue my education. My attitude towards school has also changed immensely.

Maille playing games with young girls in Paraguay.

Because of these girls, I want to continue to learn, grow and push myself in school so I can continue to use my voice and help others my whole life. I want to thank all the strong, brave and tenacious girls of Coronel Bogado for forever changing my life and pushing me to be my best self.


Maille is a 2019 Girls Soccer Worldwide™ Ambassador.

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