Educated women are more likely to become entrepreneurs.

We believe to see change in any community girls need to be given equal opportunity, on the field AND in the classroom. Our goals are focused around ensuring our next generation of FEMALE STUDENT ATHLETES have the resources needed to gain the confidence, courage, and character needed to lead in their own communities..


Yes, we create opportunities for girls to play the beautiful game on a boys dominated field but it's more than soccer.  It's who THEY become by building a team, being a team, and becoming more than a team.  A team that fights together, a team that plays together, a team that bonds together.  A team that becomes a family, on and off the field.  It's about who they become after the game is over.

Educated women are
more likely to become entrepreneurs.

Children of educated women are more likely to stay focused on education allowing them to enter the workforce with confidence.* When completing a secondary education her lifetime earnings can increase up to 10-20% creating more opportunity to give back where it is needed most.  Working women invest 80-90% of their earnings to their family's health and education.  Her counterparts, globally, invest approx. 35%**

When women thrive they also invest back into their communities, empowering other women around them to do the same. When given the proper resources, she has the power to become an agent of change creating the impact needed in her own community.

*OECD 2012 Report  **The Borgen Project

Be A VOICE for CHANGE and help young girls, locally and abroad, receive the life skills THEY DESERVE and are needed to succeed in life.

Working women invest 90 percent of their earnings back to their families, leading to greater health and education for their children. This, in turn, creates a cycle that sustainably alleviates poverty."

"Women’s incomes rise between 10-20 percent per year of education they receive."

#18: "Prolonged schooling also cuts down on early marriage and education is the gift that keeps on giving – mothers who have had schooling place higher value on education for their own daughters."

**According to the The Borgen Project:
Women's Empowering in Developing Countries 

**According to The Borgen Project.
Empowering Women Through Education + Entrepreneurship

*According to the OECD Gender Equality in Education, Employment, and Entrepreneurship. Final Report to the MCM 2012

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