Meet Maggie.  She is filled with a ‘glass is full’  kind of mind set.  Her smile is contagious.  She loves soccer so walking over a mile to practice is something she just does without thinking of the reasons why she shouldn’t.  This smile you see, well…that is Maggie.  If you know her  you can’t help but to adore her.


We connected with Maggie on the soccer field and knew immediately there was something special about her.  She loves the game, is passionate about her family, and works hard to do well in school.  When mom is not at home, she is in charge and she does it with pride.   She dreams of being a hair stylist because of the struggles she has experienced with her own hair and wants to empower others on how to properly take care of their own.   One day…she imagines.

Maggie with her three sisters.


Here’s where we pause.  Maggie lives in poverty and lives with the bare minimums that we easily take for granted.  A consistent healthy meal, protection from weather permeating through the cracked walls, privacy as a 14 year old girl, and not only in her bedroom, but in her bathroom that sits outside in the open.  She lives in a one room home with her mom and five siblings…trying to make ends meet.

Maggies bedroom








Like many 14 year old girl’s living in poverty, she is at a crossroads.  She is at the age where education is not deemed as important when compared to the contribution she can make at home.  However, without education her dreams are limited and what she can contribute to her home in the future is, too.

Maggies kitchen.


In many rural communities, many children don’t complete school past 7th grade due to financial struggles.  When faced with poverty, the idea of their children receiving a proper education is often set aside in order to provide for what is needed at home.  More often than not, it is girl’s who lose this opportunity first.

Education is often replaced with labor and the HOPES & DREAMS for these girls become limited.   We want to change that one family, one school, one girl at a time!

Maggies bathroom.

Change one. Change thousands. A girl has that kind of impact.  If you would like to become a voice for change and help girls like Maggie stay in school for a stronger future, consider becoming Champions for Chance Member. 


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