Paraguay motivated me to be a better person.

I now understand much better that doing the littlest things for others CAN truly change their lives for the better.  This learned mindset has triggered me to want to use my voice for change, back at home.  In my own community.

Traveling to Paraguay also taught me poverty is a mindset.

The citizens of Coronel Bogado have very little but they ALL have the biggest hearts.

It taught me life isn’t about the materialistic things.  It’s about the relationships you create with the people around you.

Sophia with a young girl in Paraguay who participates in Girls Soccer Worldwide Programs.

The trip made me realize how fortunate and grateful I am for all the things I have right at my fingertips. I realized the importance of my family even more.

Prior to traveling, I got my driver’s license and was almost never home for family dinners because I wanted to be with my friends.

Meeting the community in Paraguay, showed me I should be spending more quality time with the ones I love.

For me, Paraguay was one of those experiences in my life that will forever stick with me.

Anytime I think about Paraguay and those I met, my heart is warmed.



Sophia is a 2019 Girls Soccer Worldwide Ambassador CLICK HERE to read more.

Learn more out the Girls Soccer Worldwide Ambassador for Change Leadership Program.

  1. Julio Viejo says:

    Amazing. I am an architect and love studying about experiences of poeple in different cultures. This story, although short, definetly sheds light upon this not so often discussed topic. Amazing!

  2. Julio Viejo says:

    This is a great story, as an architect that likes to investigate on different cultures coliding and ceating enriching experiences, this story, although short, is amazing!

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