“Paraguay gave me more motivation to be a better person.”

Paraguay gave me more motivation to be a better person. I now understand that doing the littlest things for people can change their lives for the better and it’s that mindset that has triggered me to want to use my voice for change in my own community.

The trip really taught me that poverty is just a mindset because the citizens of Coronel Bogado have very little but they all have the biggest hearts. It really taught me that life isn’t about the materialistic things but about the relationships you create with the people around you.


The trip made me realize how fortunate and grateful I am for all the things I have right at my fingertips. It also made me value my family so much more.


Right before the trip I just got my driver’s license and I constantly just wanted to hang out with my friends and was almost never home for family dinners.  When I went on the trip I realized the importance of family and that I should really be spending more quality time with the ones I love.


For me, Paraguay was one of those experiences in my life that will forever stick with me and anytime I think about it my heart is warmed.


Sophia is a 2019 Girls Soccer Worldwide Ambassador, CLICK HERE to read more.

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