The phrase: “this trip/experience changed me” is one of the most cliche things a person could say. For me, it is absolutely true because it changed so many different aspects of my life this time around (I traveled in 2018 + 2019 to Paraguay with Girls Soccer Worldwide).

Megan and Emily bonding with the girls of Paraguay.

At home, especially, I have worked on relationships and the community I surround myself with because in Paraguay community and family means everything.  I have focused on making sure I give my parents time during the day to talk and share what I did in school besides just saying “work and it was boring” like I normally would.

I have visited with my grandparents more and made the most of the time we spend together talking or even watching tennis (my grandma loves tennis) because I realized I need to respect and give them more time because one day they won’t be there and I know I’ll regret it.

Megan at Escuela Basica 305 in Coronel Bogago, Paraguay

With my friends I have always been a friendly person to approach at anytime but I’ve begun to focus on what may be going on that no one knows. I send texts out to a lot of my friends saying mental health check in and saying how amazing and meaningful they are to me and I’ve gotten very positive feedback from this.

Reconnecting with the same girls in 2019 is always an incredible experience!

I’ve also taken away more love for the game of soccer because of seeing how much the girls loved to play.  Seeing how happy they all are with a ball at their feet reminded me of how I felt when I came back from my injury.

A highlight from the trip would definitely be meeting Jazsmin one hundred percent. Seeing her eyes and smile light up as she opened her backpack got me even a little emotional with how much pure happiness she had.

Megan and Jazmin after she received her new backpack.

I also bonded with her a lot learning about her family, favorite subject, and her dreams.  She dreams of visiting New York to see the Statue of Liberty and more than anything in the world I want to help Jazmins accomplish her goal. Even if I only made one strong bond with one girl I know it’ll last a lifetime… I will never forget Jazsmin!


Megan Guerra is a 2018-2019 Girls Soccer Worldwide™ Ambassador.  

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