Going on this trip has forever changed my life. It really opened my eyes about how the rest of the world lives and it made me realize how lucky and grateful I am.  Not only did it change my perspective on life but it gave me more motivation to do better and ever since I have gotten back from Paraguay I have been pushing my self to be better in school, soccer, and just to be a better friend and family member.

Emma with soccer players from the San Jose School in Paraguay.

One experience I will never forget was near the end of the trip when we visited an elderly woman and delivered groceries.  The smile that came on her face gave me this feeling that I have never felt before.  I just knew that I was meant to experience that time with her when I saw the joy on her face from all the food we gave her.

Paraguayan woman who is thankful for our visit. She shared stories about life and struggles not having an education as a young girl.

Tears came to my eyes because she said people don’t usually take the time to help the elders or even care about them and that broke my heart.  The rest of the day I couldn’t stop thinking about how many other people in the world are thinking that no one cares about them.

As we were flying home I kept thinking about that day and knowing that I can’t help every single person in the world, but now if I see someone who is feeling down or feels like no one cares I talk to them.  I want to be there if they need anything or even if they just need some company.  Paraguay was absolutely amazing and loved every minute of it.


Emma is a 2019 Girls Soccer Worldwide™ Ambassador.

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